Couple's Yoga

Come experience a special person in your life in a new way with interactive yoga postures. Look into each other's caring eyes. Trust and find each other, with love and laughter, and maybe even tears. The goal is to have fun and free oneself from any pretensions or barriers to understanding the other person.  This can be healing for any kind of relationship.

Some of the practices used in this class come from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.  Gentle Hatha Yoga is used to loosen up your body. Recordings of singing bowels and music are used to enhance your sound experience.  

It is a mixture of traditions and techniques that will bring you closer to someone you deeply care about. This could be a husband, or wife, or partner and even close friends can share this experience. Bring your relationship into a deeper place of honor with more clarity and understanding of someone you love.

After the class you can choose to enjoy the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, with Chromotherapy, which will comfortably fit both of you in soothing infrared heat. (The sauna is exactly as it is pictured below.)

I charge $95 for a couple's yoga class.

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