MIND HEALTH YOGA in Chapel Hill, NC 2013 - Present

-Specialize in teaching gentle and relaxing yoga to beginners, people with chronic pain, substance abuse conditions, other health related issues, and the older adult population.

-Design therapeutic yoga and meditation individual classes for students with psychiatric conditions to alleviate symptoms and side effects from medications.

UNC Wakebrook Primary Care, Wake, NC 2019 - present

-Teach yoga and meditation to people with a variety of serious health conditions, substance abuse and psychiatric disorders in small groups, and set up therapeutic yoga programs for individuals, in an outpatient Integrative Health Program.

Triangle Springs Hospital, Raleigh, NC 2018 - present

-Specialize in teaching clients with psychiatric conditions and substance abuse disorders.

Veterans Administration Medical Center, Durham, NC 2017-2019
-Teach small group yoga classes to Veterans with little or no experience from all backgrounds and with different health conditions,  psychiatric disorders, people in wheelchairs, missing limbs and the older adult population.

UNC Family Medicine Clinic, Chapel Hill, NC 2016 -Present 

- Teach chair yoga and the Kirtan Kriya Meditation in  a Mindfulness Program. 


Y.O.G.A. for "At Risk" Youth, Orange County Schools, NC 2013 - 2016 

-Taught yoga classes in Orange County District Schools for middle age youth. 


WE Love Yoga Studio, Long Beach, CA 2011 - 2012 

-Taught yoga and meditation to individuals and groups in the local community.

-Specialized in teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for complex psychiatric disorders based on books and research by David Shannahoff Khalsa.

The Village Integrated Service Agency (A National Mental Health America Program), 

Long Beach, CA 2012  

-Taught yoga and meditation to staff and mental health clients who were homeless, had problems with substance abuse and psychiatric conditions, in a client based internationally recognized alternative community.


Yoga Wellness Educator Certificate, 2018-present

Yoga University, Online

Hatha Yoga Teaching Certificate, 2016-2018
Loving Kindness Yoga School, Carborro, NC

Warriors At Ease Teaching Certificate, 2018

Yoga International, Online

Restorative Yoga Teaching Certificate, 2017

Yoga International, Online
Connected Warriors Trauma Conscious Yoga Training Certificate, 2016 

Yoga Connection, Goldsboro, NC
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certificate of Completion, 2015 

Duke Integrative Medicine, Durham, NC
Teaching Y.O.G.A. to "At Risk" Youth Certificate, 2013
Duke University Dance Studio, Durham, NC

Applying Mind/Body Interventions to People with Anxiety and Depression, 2012 

Ram Dass Center for Humanology, New Mexico
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teaching Certificate, 2012
Golden Bridge Yoga Studio, Hollywood, CA


Master of Arts, Educational Studies, 2003

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA


I first began studying Yoga, Meditation and Eastern Philosophy when I was in graduate school in 1994. I met a woman who was part of a school of yoga that incorporated Kundalini Yoga with Sufi teachings, Bon (Pre-Buddhist), Taoist and Tantric Practices. I was also studying Qi Gong with a Master from China at Claremont Graduate University, where my advisor was teaching Engaged Buddhism, and Mindfulness before it became a buzz word. 

At the time I was in a PhD program studying Educational Studies and planning to become an academic teacher.  In my Master's thesis I wrote about using the body and movement in the classroom with various Somatic practices developed over the Twentieth Century in the West. In addition, I focused on studying mental health clients and wrote about how to empower people who suffered from serious mental illnesses.  

I thought about developing "MIND HEALTH YOGA" in 2011 when I was thinking about integrating my background in mental health empowerment with my studies and practice of yoga. I have not only been an adult educator, but I also worked as a mental health professional and advocate for many years too. 

I have tremendous empathy for people who suffer from all types of maladies.  I also know based on my own personal life experience  how vital yoga and meditation can be in healing from personal tragedies and improving all aspects of one's life.   

I teach to reach and bring strength, peace and joy, to those who struggle in both small and big ways.  I have thrown myself into serious study of yoga and meditation since 2010 as a teacher, which is evident from the timeline of events written above .  

I am so passionate about my work and how I am able to bring health, happiness and a tranquil environment to my clients. I am grateful to all of my teachers who have shown me this path and I hope to be an inspiration to others. Namaste.