Yoga Teaching Testimonials

  • Becky B. (PRIVATE STUDENT) "Amritari is a peaceful and caring soul. I took yoga with her once a week for about a year, and our time together benefited me not only physically but spiritually. I have back problems, and also carry tension in my neck and shoulders. Amritari designed a practice for me that was sensitive and effective. If not for scheduling conflicts with my new job, I would still be her student.

  • Jenna B. (PRIVATE STUDENT) The couple's yoga class my husband and I practiced with Amritari was a wonderful experience for both of us. Amritari guided us gently through each of the exercises and we both agreed afterwards that the experience was deeply transformative. We feel more bonded and loving and it was also fun. The warm and inviting environment Amritari provided was surpassed only by her gentle and thoughtful guidance during this deeply moving experience.

  • David K. (PRIVATE STUDENT)"I have been studying yoga and meditation with Amritari . I was having a lot of pain when I first started working with her and she patiently guided me with gentle movements that relieved my pain, as well as breathing techniques that calmed my anxiety. I have really enjoyed doing yoga in her screened porch that overlooks a beautiful lake surrounded by grass and trees. She also has an infrared sauna and I have found this to be very relaxing and therapeutic."

  • Sophia Moimeme (Former YOGA TEACHER) "I have worked directly with Amritari for over 25 years in the study and practical everyday application of the principles of yoga and leading a conscious life. She is very knowledgeable about Yoga and all things related to working with Mental Health Issues. She is successful in showing others how they can lead happy, healthy and productive lives. Amritari is easy to communicate with, understands others needs and is able to communicate to others a clear path for wholistic living. I am and will always be inspired by her work. She is clearly a leader in her field. "

  • Jessie Cornett (Recreational Coordinater, V.A. Medical Center) "Amritari has been working with our hospitalized Veterans on the inpatient acute psychiatric unit for a year and has become one of our most valuable assets. She has the utmost respect for each individual that walks through the door and puts her heart and soul into bringing these Veterans into a safe and caring environment. So many leave her session feeling relaxed not just physically but mentally and emotionally. She is quick to adapt to any needs that a Veteran may have in order to make sure they can participate at their highest ability. She truly understands where each of these Veterans have been and more importantly are going on their journey and it definitely shows in her teaching."

  • Linda Myerholtz (Psychologist, UNC Family Medicine) "Amritari has been teaching gentle yoga in a mindfulness class, Living Life Well, that we run at our family practice, UNC Family Medicine. She has graciously volunteered her time for this grant funded program that allows us to provide a free 6 week introduction to mindfulness for our patients and community. Amritari has been able to modify her teaching to meet the physical needs of the participants and the space limitations that we have. Her teaching is gentle and supportive and the feedback from participants has been very positive. Amritari has also provided resource lists that we have incorporated into our class workbook. Her skill and compassion have truly enhanced our program."

  • Kat Tumlison (Professor, University of North Carolina) "Amritari is a wonderful yoga teacher. She is so passionate about helping others from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. She is also very knowledgeable, having studied yoga extensively with numerous experienced teachers. Most of all, Amritari really cares about her students and goes above and beyond to guide them along their yoga path with love and kindness. She is a wonderful human being."

  • Ti Harmony (YOGA TEACHER and Owner of Loving Kindnesss Yoga School)  "Amritari has a huge heart and for a long time has been dedicated both to the study of yoga and to helping people with psychiatric conditions. She also has a wealth of experience relating the two of them together. She genuinely cares about the people she meets and has the knowledge to use yoga in service of mental health. "

  • Barbara-Lynn Freed (Owner, Center for Transformational Studies) "Amritari has created two beautiful settings for her home yoga studios. One is vibrant with color while the other a peaceful lake setting. Both are perfect to help you embrace and focus on meditation and working with your body. She also has an awesome full body sauna to help clients relax and detox. Whatever your pleasure, I’m sure you will enjoy your time spent with Amritari."

  • Ruby Love (YOGA TEACHER, Somatic Experiencing Practioner) "I have known Amritari for many years in our yoga and healing community in Long Beach, CA. She is authentic and a top -notch practitioner. I highly recommend her."

  • Keval Kaur Khalsa (YOGA TEACHER/Coordinator of Y.O.G.A. for Youth, NC) "Amritarti Martinez is compassionate, passionate about health, and a strong mental health advocate."

  • John Kepner (Executive Director, International Association of Yoga Therapists) "Amritari is an articulate and tireless advocate for the needs and interests of people with psychiatric disorders and the importance ... and benefits ...of more people with such disorders becoming yoga teachers and yoga therapists. She has personally opened my eyes to the need to better serve this segment of our population."

  •  Nancy Holliman (YOGA TEACHER, Psychotherapist) "Amritari Marinez has vast experience and passion in mental health advocacy. She also makes an important connection between mental health advocacy and her yoga teaching. She has demonstrated lifelong dedication to understanding mental illness and mental health, and weaves her understanding into her yoga teaching in ways that are effective, heartfelt, and grounded in knowledge."