Come and learn about the 7 steps to a better posture. Poor posture is one of the most common health problems in today’s society and one of the most overlooked. 

Forward head posture reduces your mobility, causing a greater risk of fractures from falls, limits oxygen supply to the body’s cells and even increases mortality. It can also cause back pain and headaches, and adversely affects mood and blood pressure. Many of these symptoms may be moderated or eliminated by improved posture. These are the reasons why improving posture can help improve overall health. 

This 7 week course will include brief lectures on the science of posture and why spinal health matters, free educational handouts explaining the hows and whys of maintaining a good posture, and teaches yoga poses you can practice at home to reverse postural aging. 

I charge $25 per class and $20 per class when you purchase the whole class series. (You save $35 when you purchase the entire course.) The handouts distributed to students in the course are free.

This course we will be taught at MY YOGA STUDIO in Southwest Durham. If you are interested in taking this course please email